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SHEP Engineering Services Limited is a privately owned mechanical engineering enterprise with world class capabilities spanning the engineering projects value chain. The company was started by Engineer Evans Abok and was registered in 2012. SHEP Engineering Ltd has it offices in Nairobi along Workshop Road (Land Mawe).

At first, the company specialized with designing and drawing of mechanical engineering structures and part and later ventured to execution of engineering projects. Today the company has over ten staff and technical team with ability to execute landmark projects. 

SHEP Engineers
SHEP Engineers | Nairobi Offices

Our commitment has and will always be on the people and the environment. We take responsibility of all impact that our engineering activities has to the people and the planet. This way we are able to deliver landmark projects that create long term progress and sustainable economic growth. 

Mission, Vision & Values


This service include drawing & detailing of structures & parts, 3D modelling, process flow diagram, pipeline drawings, pressure vessels and building services.


We are proficient in delivering services using the following softwares; autocad plant 3D,autocad ,Soudworks, Etabs, Sap2000, Tekla, Prokon & Autodesk robot.


We also provide management to engineering projects. We offer project managerial expertise and labour to plan, execute and complete the project. 

Evans ABok _CEO Shep Engineering

ENG. Evans Abok

CEO/ Technical Director

Message From Director's Office

Since 2012 we have been operating a business committed to being a service provider of choice to owners, developers and clients throughout the region. Our first and foremost commitment is to our local community, using a local workforce. As we continued to experience service demands from the local community our small business expanded into what it is today’s  ‘multi-faceted’ engineering company. From our original scope of design, drafting, repairs and maintenance we  are now providing all mechanical  engineering services.

Key Success
  • Providing a professional quality service on time and on budget. (Excellence)
  • Working honestly by developing a follow-up
    strategy to gauge performance and build trust with all our clients (Culture).
  • Developing an end to end engineering product and services capability (Comprehensiveness )
  • Working closely with our customers and providing a transparent line of communication ( Integrity ).

Our commitment to the local communities and the environment has being an important part to practising sustainable engineering.
Lastly, I appreciate everybody who has been part of SHEP Engineering LTD and most importantly our clients who have chosen us as their business partners and provider of engineering services.

Kind Regards

Director’s Desk,
ENG Evans Abok

Our Value Statements

Quality Statement

We are committed to the highest quality services and products to our clients and to add value to their investment. Our end to end engineering processes and systems provide the means by which we can deliver our services and commitments

Value Statement

We treat our client’s business as our business by providing value for money and offering competitive pricing.


We are honest and open in all our dealings to ensure we obtain the trust of our clients and for common good of people and nature.


We actively promote teamwork and expect each member to take responsibility and treat others with respect.


We aspire to provide our clients with innovative and effective solutions in our production and provision of service.