Light Steel Structures

Light Steel Structures

Prefabricated Portable  Metal Buildings

SHEP’s Prefabricated Portable  Metal Buildings are structures whose components are designed and prepared  at a factory and then later set up at the desired construction site. These buildings are made using the best resources and methods that efficiently follow structural construction requirements. 

The benefits of utilizing prefabricated metal buildings are faster on-site construction, reduced effects of uncontrolled factors, higher quality and consistency, cost efficiency, reusability, less raw material wastage, and reduced safety hazards.

Light Gauge Frames Structures

Light gauge steel structures have many of the advantages of light wood framed structures: They are light, and allow quick building without heavy tools or equipment. Every component can easily be carried by hand – a house is like a carpentry job on a larger scale. The main tool is a light, handheld screw gun.

Light steel framing offers exceptional strength and durability. Steel is inherently stronger than timber and doesn’t warp, twist, or rot like wood can. This results in structures that can withstand harsh weather conditions, last for generations, and require minimal maintenance over time.


Light Steel Trusses and Rafters

With today’s demanding architectural designs, intricate roof lines, and aggressive
schedules, light gauge steel rafters and trusses have become a popular product for
architects, engineers, builders and developers.

Shep Enngineering Ltd can design an engineered, pre-fabricated light gauge steel truss system specifically for your project, incorporating most any design, including gables, hips, valleys, dormers, retail canopy fronts, and much more. Given the strength and durability of steel, it won’t experience any bending or warping under extreme load as other materials are prone to.