Heavy Steel Structures

Heavy Steel Structures


Pre-engineered Buildings (PEB)

Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEBs) are the building components that are manufactured at a factory and assembled on site. Usually, PEBs are steel structures designs and can be an alternative to conventional structural steel buildings. 

At Shep we broadly classify them into seven main components: framing members, columns and rafters, roof purlins, eave struts, wall girts and roofing sheets. Each of these components play a key role is the construction of the whole structure. Since buildings are manufactured completely in the factory under controlled conditions, the quality of structures is assured. The primary built-up members are welded using automated and guaranteed Submerged Arc Welding welding.

Multi-Storey Buildings

A multi-storey building is a building that has multiple storeys, and typically contains vertical circulation in the form of ramps, stairs and lifts. The number of storeys is determined by the architectural design. Shep prides itself for executing several of multi-storey projects withing the region.

Heavy Gauge Rails & Bridges

At Shep Engineering we make different types of bridges and rails and  the most common ones being beam and truss bridges, arch bridges and suspension bridges both fixed and movable. Fixed bridges are usually classified by their basic geometry such as arches, trusses, beams, girder, suspension and cable stayed. Steel has been used in the construction of bridges for many years and Shep Engineering Ltd has been in the forefront. 

 Steel fabricated bridges are stronger than concrete ones, and they don’t require as much maintenance. They also tend to last longer than concrete bridges, which makes them a cheaper option overall