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Project Title: Design of Effluent treatment plant

Client: HESCO Consultants

Project Title: Design of Filter Sludge Press


Project Title: Design of Kitchen Exhaust HOOD

Client: PRESSLINK Cooling

Project Title: Design and Installation of Entry shade

Client: Kenya Ports Authority

Project Title: Design and Fabrication of New verification shade

Client: Kenya Ports Authority (ICD)

Project Title: 350KVA GENSET Canopying
Client: Kenya Pipeline company

Project Title: design of fuel Loading Bay Extension

Client: LDC Kenya limited

Project Title: Installation of Ngarugu Water pumping station

Client: Jomo Kenyatta university

Project Title: Renovation of Bornfree offices

Client: Bornfree Kenya

Project Title: Construction of timber staking yard

Client: Kenya ports Authority

Project Title: Rehabilitation of cabros 300m2
Client: Kengen Kipevu

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Engineering Works
Recent engineering project from Shep Engineering
  • Borehole Equipping

    Borehole Equipping

    This project was carried out in Kakemer Secondary School and was funded by lake Victoria North Water Organization.
  • Cold Room/Ammonium Plant Installation

    Cold Room/Ammonium Plant Installation

    The project involved cold room/ammonium plant installation. Which involved making o vertical sectional frame assembly, reinforcement of concrete floor casting and puff insulation for cold room fitting
  • Steel Water Tower Installation 2021

    Steel Water Tower Installation 2021

    Kakemer Secondary School Water Project
  • Steel Structures 2021

    Steel Structures 2021

    Steel structural works fabrication and installation
  • Partitioning


  • Steel Structures

    Steel Structures

  • Soap Forming Machine

    Soap Forming Machine

    The project involved making a soap forming machine, which included making a soap mould from brass, and Fabrication of mould holder with pressing mechanism. The process of soap forming involves feeding a specified size of soap blank into the mould, then using the forming machine you press the blank which will take the shape of the mould thus having you final product. The mould has a logo engraved in it which is transferred to the blank during pressing/forming process.
  • Packaging Table with Conveyor Belt System

    Packaging Table with Conveyor Belt System

    The task involved designing and Fabrication of a goods conveyor with a capacity of Carrying 10kg uniformly distributed load, speed of 8m per second variable

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